Classic Design

Modern Touches




Expressing your unique style

Beautiful natural textures

Merged with modern materials

Timber, steel and glass

The Difference




StairMaster are innovators


Australia's best builders trust StairMaster to be their stair and balustrading partners for a reason.

We keep pace with evolution in design and materials to deliver a product that matches the builder's and their client's style and substance.

Stairs and balustrading not only provide utility, transition and connection, they make a statement as a key feature of design.

StairMaster are innovators


Many of our most senior staff did their apprenticeship with StairMaster. They understand the company, our customers and the industry. But that is not the whole story ...

Our depth of experience is matched by the freshness of our approach to design, style and techniques demanded by modern building and the best builders.

StairMaster are innovators


We value our role as one of Australia's largest specialist building services companies.

Along with the confidence that our size and experience brings comes an obligation to lead from the front. Our customers have a high expectation of us and we respond to their expectations.

We are still writing our history and are proud of our story so far.